In this section you will find the documentation related to the Board of Directors meetings. As all centers sections has a public and private area where we can share information related to members or available to anybody on internet.

Board of Directors members from Durban 2017 to Barcelona 2019

President: Dale Henwood (CAN)

Secretary General: Josep Escoda (ESP)

Executive Vicepresident: Toby Sutcliffe (SAF)

Treasurer: Jochem Schellens (NED)

Vicepresident for America: Debbie Low (CAN)

Vicepresident for Europe: Tapio Korjus (FIN)

Vicepresident for Africa: Dr Kevin Subban (SAF)

Vicepresident for Asia: Takeshi Kukidome (JAP) 

Vicepresident for Oceania: Anne Marie Harrison (AUS)

Past President: Mike English (USA)
In Memoriam

Previous Forum Host: Brendon Goodenough (SAF)

Next Forum Host: Francesc Cos (ESP)

Host Secretariat: Silvia Matesanz (ESP)